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Welcome September, you bring the Little Dude’s first birthday and {hopefully} warmer weather. My September kitchen will be filled with Asian greens from the farmer’s markets, delicious blood oranges from Redbelly Citrus {I was gifted a box and I have some great recipes coming up in ‘Sweet September’}, and Ghee. Have you used ghee in your cooking? And if so, what recipe did you use it in?

As you know, I’m joining link ups this year and this link up is hosted by Celia’s from Fig Jam and Lime Cordial.

In my September kitchen….

I’ve get a great mix of Asian greens from the farmer’s markets. I’ve used bok choy, choy sum and pak choy in this super simple honey soy stir fry. Winter warming meals will tend to slow down and the stir fry comes back onto the menu as the weather warms up.

Honey Soy stirfry ingredients by GoodFoodWeek

In my September kitchen…

I’ve picked up another great Organix snack product {because sometimes you don’t have time to make everything from scratch when you have little ones}. I was pulled in by the ‘carrot cake’ mini oaty bites, but the ‘apple and orange’ mini oaty bites are actually the favourite flavour in my household. I haven’t met a toddler yet who doesn’t like these special treats – and we often share our lunch boxes at the park.

Organix Goodies Mini Oaty Bites

In my September kitchen…

Are the last of a giant box of Redbelly Blood Oranges that I was gifted. They are super delicious and I have a few recipes to show you how to use them up in my ‘Sweet September’ posts. They are also amazing sliced and squeezed in a simple Campari and soda {my drink of choice}.

Australian Redbelly Citrus Blood Oranges

In my September kitchen…

We might have some leftovers from Snapper on the Lake. As soon as the weather warms up, it is one of our favourite hang outs on a Sunday afternoon. We take the kids down to the lake to run around in the sun, the husband can grab a beer and we can enjoy some fish and chips as a family. It is a lovely afternoon treat.

Leftovers from Snapper on the lake

In my September kitchen…

I’ve picked up some of the new ‘calci fruit’ pouches from Rafferty’s Garden. Great for when you’re out and about. The Little Dude isn’t the biggest eater – but he loves these. This range wasn’t available when Mr Moo was eating pouches, it always amazes me how fast the baby food isle changes.

rafferty's garden calci fruit pouches

In my September kitchen…

I’m using pure ghee. I picked this one up from the Deli at the Belconnen Markets. I used it to make Yorkshire Puddings. I am interested in hearing other people’s uses for Ghee. I’ve seen Ghee used in dairy-free recipes; as the milk solids are removed from ghee during the clarification process.

What new things have you picked up and tried lately? Do you purchase new brands or do you stick with what you have tried and tested? Anything interesting happening with you and your family in September?

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  • Gary

    The new site looks great Shari.

  • Love the new look! Woot! And of course, everything that’s in your kitchen. I must get on the Ghee Train. Everyone is raving about it! x

    • Thanks Sammie – I’m really happy with the new look and feel on WordPress. I was scared about moving at first, but I love it now that I am here {just have to hope that all my traffic follows me across}.

  • Jennifer @Milk and Honey

    Can’t wait for your blood orange recipes. I have a tree full of them.

    • I hope that you got a bumper crop this season {I know that Redbelly Citrus did}. Their blood oranges were so juicy and full of flavour! Great for some sweet sweet treats – I can’t wait to share with you what I came up with Jennifer.

  • HI Shari, stopping in to say hello. I recently started using ghee and am still getting the hang of it. I look forward to seeing your recipes. Lovely site.


  • Gretchen

    It all looks so lovely. I remember the baby food aisle changing from my first son to the third and they are only threre years apart! The blood oranges look nice and tasty, looking forward to see what you do with them.

    • OMG – 3 in three years, I bet that was intense. I have two boys 17 months apart. I published my first blood orange recipe this morning – so I hope you come back to check it out!

  • ooh oaty bites and blood red oranges and fish and chips – something for everyone – the sound of a beer and fish and chips in the park just makes me want spring to roll on

    • Fish and chips in the park is one of my favourite things to do in warmer weather. It might not be by the ocean – like when I was growing up – but we get back to my parents and the ocean every now and again.

  • I love blood oranges. Looking forward to your recipes and a little sunshine too.

  • I cooked some steaks in ghee the other day they were soooo good! I know what you mean about the changes in the baby ailse so many different things now! x

  • bec

    Site looks wonderful and now I want fish and chips! I’ve used ghee to make naan bread and butter chicken, mmmmm so good.

  • Mmmmm those blood oranges look good, so does you new site lovely lady!
    I recently discovered Wensleydale blueberry cheese, it’s so good!
    Have a gorgeous weekend! xx

    • Thanks Danielle – I thought that it was about time I worked up the courage to jump from Blogger to WordPress. And I am really happy with the site, now that I am here. Have an amazing weekend with your beautiful family xo

  • Kari @ bite-sized thoughts

    You’ve got some gorgeous products in your kitchen. Asian greens always make a stir fry excellent and I love blood oranges – so much more special than regular ones!

  • Moya Mc Guigan

    Those blood oranges look delicious but we don’t often get them in Bahrain. Gee is used quite a bit here and I tend to use it sparingly. Love Asian greens too 🙂

    • I don’t know much about Bahrain, but I would be keen to learn more about their food 🙂

  • blood oranges. love ’em! Ghee is great for frying. fish and chips yay! especially good by the water. I am one of the few still on blogger it seems:) One day i will have to look into it to see if worth changing. Some people have said it may not be essential:)

    • Thanks for popping by Sherry. I have loved moving to WordPress from Blogger – but I know a few people who don’t think that they will ever move. I don’t know if all of my readers have followed me to my new home 🙁